F-1 Engine Incense Burner

A backflow incense burner modelled after the powerful F-1 Engines that launched the Saturn V rocket, scaled down for home use. 

The burner works with backflow incense to mimic the effect of a the engine ignition. 

The composition of the Burner is 60% stainless steel 420 and 40% bronze. 

Design was done in Toronto by Quinn Johnsen.

The rocket engines ship in a miniaturized lasercut shipping crate, that is personalized to unit-number per order. 

Inside the box you will also find a xeroxed copy of the original Apollo 11 press briefing. 

Due to the cost involved and manufacturing process, these items will be available for pre-order for two weeks beginning July 20th, 2019. Total lead time we estimate at 4 weeks to accommodate for the printing process.

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